Opinion of columbus day

opinion of columbus day Columbus day is an affront to california's indigenous people, whose ancestors suffered as a result of colonization.

Los angeles city council voted wednesday in favor of changing columbus day to indigenous peoples day, citing the opinion of many who consider the italian explorer a symbol of genocide for native indigenous peoples in north america and elsewhere la became the latest of american cities to have. Opinion submit a letter roblee: historian's defense of christopher columbus andrew roblee | special to the citizen jeremy boyer email notifications are only sent once a day. The views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of the hill in los angeles county, the holiday of columbus day will soon vanish the board of supervisors has replaced it with indigenous people's day the reason: christopher columbus was oppressive kind of like the traffic in. One of our readers has provided an alternative historical account of christopher columbus this version is different to what is found in us history books what are your thoughts on columbus day. Protests at columbus day parades, efforts to eliminate him from classroom curricula, and calls for changing the federal holiday have all followed. Dean baker for truthout: harvard's money managers were paid huge sums to lose the school money nice work if you can get it many cities and states across the country have shifted away from celebrating columbus day.

The most confounding statement i've heard in some time, not counting any of the president's tweets, came from the organizer for philadelphia's annual columbus day parade, jody della barba she told cbs3 this month that those who are opposed to a holiday honoring christopher columbus are. When news broke last month that los angeles was joining seattle and denver in removing columbus day from its city calendar, i looked to see what my city's plans were in regards to the holiday answer: nothing to put it in starker terms, columbus has been revealed as a racist, sexist xenophobe. Opinion the statue of christopher columbus in mishawaka's central park was vandalized during the week of columbus day last year tribune photo/robert franklin robert franklin facebook twitter email print save featured letters: why erect a monument to columbus jan 13. Opinion & editorials why we should never change columbus day's name (your this is in response to the syracuse board of education's tabled resolution to replace traditional columbus day with indigenous peoples day, as i need to express my deep-hearted feelings with regard to.

Should the us continue to celebrate columbus day or should the holiday be done away with. Stop celebrating columbus day and start celebrating the native cultures his arrival in the americas began the process of opinion christopher columbus was a lost t he second monday in october has been designated an american federal holiday in christopher columbus's honor since 1937. Home opinions people should we celebrate columbus day add a new topic should we celebrate columbus day add a new topic add to my favorites although he appears to have been of the opinion that the natives were not people at all shameful report post like reply 0 0. The second monday in october is designated in the united states as columbus day this day commemorates christopher columbus' first sighting of the americas on october 12, 1492 columbus day as a federal holiday, though, was not officially recognized until 1937 the first recorded ceremony.

Driven in large part by political correctness and partisan academics and activists, it has become fashionable in recent years to criticize christopher columbus and the holiday named in his honor a closer look, however, reveals the famed explorer to be a man of faith and courage, not a monster. As we enter the new millennium on october 9 or 12, 2000, the settler governments and peoples of north, central and south america, who occupy the lands of various indigenous nations of peoples, will again celebrate with holiday parades and festivals the invasion of our sacred lands by the colonial pirate christopher columbus.

Opinion of columbus day

Some places have designated the second monday in october — elsewhere laid aside for columbus day — as a new holiday for native americans sara barrett is a photo editor for opinion and op-talk jeffrey scales is a photo editor for opinion and op-talk @jhensonscales follow us. Overall, we view the demise of the columbus day parade in denver as a welcome opportunity to move beyond the divisive symbolism of the past.

The strife that has engulfed christopher columbus' legacy in recent years has put the concept of an indigenous people's day at the forefront of discussion. Students respond: should columbus day be celebrated close but i don't think we should have it in honor of columbus when asked of his opinion, sophomore sam raphaelson decidedly deadpanned, we shouldn't celebrate a mass murderer. What's wrong with columbus day here's a parade (seth wenig/ap) happy columbus day, i am told, is not the proper greeting pssh, everyone responds what's to celebrate offering a lighter take on the news and opinions of the day. Tearing down statues of columbus also tears down my history italian-american community would soon be called to once again address questions about statues celebrating christopher columbus and the day named in his follow the new york times opinion section on facebook and. Christopher columbus (/ k it was their considered opinion that columbus's estimation of a travel distance of 2,400 miles (3,860 km) was, in fact, far too low in 1488, columbus appealed to the court of portugal once again and, once again, john ii invited him to an audience. Sources: latinamericanhistorycom, historycom, university of rochester river campus library columbus day has been a national holiday in the united states since 1937 and observed well before that since 1971, the holiday has been set on the second monday in october. Not a fan of columbus day or indigenous peoples day here are some alternatives by paul thornton oct 14, 2017 | 5:00 am dancers prepare to perform on hollywood boulevard during an event celebrating indigenous peoples day on oct 8 opinion newsletter.

Indigenous peoples' day is a holiday that celebrates the indigenous peoples of america it is celebrated across the united states, and is an official city and state holiday in various localities around the country it began as a counter-celebration held on the same day as the us federal holiday of columbus day, which honors european explorer. New york daily news opinion follow us facebook father brian jordan: columbus day: about more than just the they assert that recent revelations of christopher columbus' alleged mistreatment of indigenous peoples in the caribbean islands demand his removal and. Why is columbus day offensive to native americans update cancel answer wiki 33 answers i saw columbus day as a celebration of my ethnic but, this is just one indian fella's answer my opinion is less important than the general mood in the wider populationsince we are all part of. The con for columbus day written by elliot lassitter while columbus day is not a widely celebrated holiday, the question of whether or not to celebrate it are definitely up for discussion as known by many, columbus day commemorates the discovery of the new world by none other than christopher columbus himself.

opinion of columbus day Columbus day is an affront to california's indigenous people, whose ancestors suffered as a result of colonization. opinion of columbus day Columbus day is an affront to california's indigenous people, whose ancestors suffered as a result of colonization.
Opinion of columbus day
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